Garmin 52LM Car GPS

The Best GPS For My Truck

GPS for commercial truck driving include Garmin model, Randy GPS system, Cobra GPS for trucks and GPS model by worldNav. All these GPS models contain mapped data specifically for trucks for many miles up to 700,000 miles for roads that are restricted for trucks. A GPS for trucks is very useful because it will help you drive safely, follow road signs and avoid restricted areas.

The Best GPS For My Truck


To use a truck sat nav effectively and efficiently, you are supposed to key in your truck’s details in terms of weight, height and width to your GPS. When you enter your destination address to your truck GPS, the GPS calculates and gives you a shorter route and avoids low built bridges and unauthorized areas. A good truck GPS has features that can alert you on mileage, timers, fuel, traffic flow, truck service and truck maintenance.
The best and highly recommended truck GPS units are the Rand McNally models; Tnd530Lm and Tnd730 Lm .These GPS models have a unique design, up to date and a loud speaker, large bright screen, access to internet via Wi-Fi and updates on weather. They give current weather forecast data, storms and wind speed along your route via the Wi-Fi connection. They have online software that helps to update automatically the software’s, maps and construction sites. These are the top selling truck GPS units. They have specialized trucking features and meet commercial truck drivers’ needs and rated as the best option for commercial trucks.
Another great GPS is the Garmin models that are also good for truck driving. They have loads of features and also very affordable. They have a directory known as NTTS with special routing options for driving trucks in the southern states up to 48 of them and gives routes that friendly to trucks. It comes in model 5-560 and model 7-760, have an ability to give directions on every turn by naming streets and support truck restrictions by height, width, weight, length and harmful/dangerous materials. They have free lifetime updates on traffic and maps.
The world Nav GPS is also a great hgv sat nav, self contained and installed with software that is able to show different routes. It comes in size 7’ screen and 5’ screen. They are a great complete package for truck driving. The latest models are 5300 and 7650 Worldnav truck systems.

Garmin 52LM Car GPS
A truck driver cannot afford to drive without a good GPS. The GPS big screens offer clear visibility to operate the GPS with ease. The loud speaker should be loud enough for the driver to hear clearly. Since trucks make a lot of noise, sound clarity should be carefully checked to ensure safe driving. A good GPS will ensure that the driver is not distracted and avoid accidents.

A truck driver should never talk on phone while driving, it extremely dangerous and a GPS with hands free calling feature is highly recommended. While driving, the truck driver should not operate the GPS because this might lead to accidents. A driver should set the GPS before he starts driving, if need arises to change the GPS settings, it is advisable to pull out of the road, make a stop then reset your GPS.

Garmin 52LM Best Car GPS

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